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Zoom Player est un lecteur multimédia capable de lire n'importe quel fichier supporté par DirectShow. Grâce à lui, vous pourrez accéder facilement aux paramètres audio/vidéo standards comme les boîtes de dialogues DivX/MPEG4, sélection des langues des sous-titres, égaliseur audio 10 bandes, filtre audio DeDynamic/TFM, contrôler les actions à prendre lorsque la lecture se termine, contrôler facilement la taille de la vidéo ainsi que le positionnement permettant de réduire l'overscan vidéo lorsque le programme est utilisé avec un périphérique de sortie TV, etc.
Seule la version Professional lit les DVD, et la WMV Professional permet la lecture des fichiers WMV/WMA protégés par DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Comme d'habitude, le changelog fait quelques kilomètres, mais on peut retenir principalement la possibilité d'assigner des fonctions Zoom Player à n'importe quelle touche du clavier ou de tout autre périphérique multimédia compatible.

Télécharger Zoom Player 4.10 beta 1 Standard (988 Ko), Professional (1,02 Mo), WMV Professional (1,02 Mo)
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1 commentaire pour “Zoom Player 4.10 beta 1”

  1. LeMoi a dit (le 17-11-2004 à 11:27)
    Meilleure gestion des MPEG2 et quelques fonctionalités DVD dans cette beta 2
    changelog complet :
    Zoom Player now supports playback of segmented MPEG2 Transport files (as in multiple files representing one video) as one file using the NVIDIA MultiSource DirectShow filter (shipping with ForceWare 4.xx).

    When the filter is specified as a source filter in Customized Media Playback (Options / Filter Control / Customized Media Playback), Zoom Player will try to automatically match additional file segments using the Zoom Player auto segment matching feature (Options / Values / Other) which can now use Regular Expressions (see below).

    This feature requires Zoom Player Professional.

    Zoom Player now supports external Matroska Chapter files ("mtxchp" extension). The support is optional (Options / Settings / Playback) as doing file searches when opening files causes a slight slowdown (probably not noticeable, but it accumulates).
    You can now specify different file names to be used for different skinning elements (such as Equalizer, Play List and On Screen Display).

    DVD External (as-in not part of the DVD itself) subtitles can now be loaded automatically by placing a subtitle file with "disc" as the base name within either the directory the VIDEO_TS.IFO exists in, or in the DVD Bookmark directory for the playing disc (which is created once the disc is played once).
    For example:
    C:\Movie Backup\My Movie\disc.sub
    C:\Zoom Player\DVD-Bookmarks\MY_MOVIE.2F751008DCF7124A\disc.srt

    You must also make sure that DirectVobSub is set as an Additional DVD Filter. Any subtitle extension with the base name of "disc" is searched when trying to auto-load a subtitle file.

    Trying to run Zoom Player when it's already running will bring the current Zoom Player window to the front.

    Zoom Player can now use Regular Expressions (www.regexpstudio.com) when matching Auto-Segment (Options / Values / Other) file loading (this feature is disabled by default). Regular Expressions allow for much greater string matching capabilities but take quite a bit more CPU power. Using the open dialog to open 100's of files may mean a massive CPU hit (opening directories doesn't have this issue).
    If you previously set a customized Auto-Segment mask, you will need to update your Auto-Load masking values. The previous method of auto-loading segments is still available as it's much easier to use than Regular Expressions and takes much less CPU power.

    Zoom Player's Window Snapping has been improved. When a window is docked to the main user interface, dragging the main user interface will now also drag any attached windows.

    You should now be able to click badly authored DVD Menus and Interactive DVD Branching (DVD Menus within actual DVD Footage).

    The Customized Media Mode Source Filter configuration dialog now allows you to specify a filter-chain (previously you could only select one filter).

    With "YUV Mixing Mode" (Advanced Options / Filter Control / Settings) enabled, you should now be able to turn off "Fix VMR9 Scaling Bug" and have improved aspect ratio compatibility when playing certain WMV titles (T2:UE, Taxi3, etc...) in VMR9 mode.

    When loading a skin that is missing a skinning element (such as skin data for the Equalizer, Play List or On Screen Display), the default skinning elements will be used instead.

    When switching between various DVD decoding/rendering filters, a DVD bookmark may not get loaded properly (due to how Microsoft handles DVD Bookmarks) and cause playback to stop. Zoom Player will now intercept this call and erase the offending bookmark so once Play is clicked again, the DVD should play normally.

    Playing DVDs in VMR9 Windowless mode may not always clear the top/bottom sections of the screen when the aspect ratio mode changes.

    The Context Navigator should now show the correct stream selection list each time it is opened.

    Using the minimalist skin button on the user interface would not properly remove some of the interface elements.

    When exporting the Zoom Player settings, you would get a message saying that there was an error. This was cosmetic as the settings were exported correctly.

    Fixed TimeLine font-size issues on the Brownish skin when using large fonts.

    Télécharger Zoom Player 4.10 beta 2

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