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Ahead Software vient de mettre ses deux logiciels phares à jour.
En effet, Nero nous ressort aujourd'hui sous une version, améliore la prise en charge des DVD-R DL notamemment lors du passage d'une couche à l'autre.
Changelog de Nero
New Features :

* Added support of layer jump recording for DVD-R DL

Other Changes/Bugfixes :

* Writing a UDF/ISO bridge compilation with enabled multisession option could fail with an error
* Transcoding of some *.wav files to Ogg Vorbis crashed Nero in some cases
* Quick erase of a blank media could end with an error message on specific hardware
* An inserted background image for a LightScribe label appeared to be very jagged if the DPI setting was selected to automatic
* Nero now always uses UDF 1.02 as default for DVD DL media if BAO or multisession are written
* Improved usability for DVD-Video compilation. Now the VIDEO_TS folder is opened per default so a drag and drop action will add the files to the correct folder
Télécharger Nero Anglais
Télécharger le pack Français de Nero

Quant à NeroVision Express, il sort sous la verson, corrigeant quelques bugs rencontrés lors de la version précédente.
Changelog de NeroVison Express
Other Changes/Bugfixes :

* Added MPEG2 files were recognized as audio tracks in Edit-mode for a VCD project
* Audio encoded to Dolby(C) Digital 5.1 could have jumps/sync issues in some rare cases
* Fixed wrong calculated disc space for DVD+R DL media
* Continuing and finalizing of an unfinalized DVD-VFR on a DVD-R disc could lead to an application crash
* Exporting to MPEG1 was creating a damaged file
Télécharger NeroVision Express Anglais
Télécharger le pack Français de NeroVision Express

Source : Man974 et Ahead Software
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3 commentaires pour “Nero et NeroVision Express”

  1. LeMoi a dit (le 14-06-2005 à 13:52)
  2. streets a dit (le 05-08-2005 à 10:41)
    New features
    • Adapted UDF Multisession Support for DVD-R DL Layer Jump Recording Mode
    • Added several advisory messages
    • Added a new help file for LightScribe
    • The used UDF version for UDF compilations is now shown in the log file
    Other Changes/Bugfixes
    • It was not possible to print a LightScribe label with an external LightScribe drive
    • Copying open VR discs was not working
    • Implemented a warning message in case a DVD-R9 DL is copied to a DVD+R9 DL and the layer break of the source does not match the destination disc
    • The calculated disc space for DVD-RAM media was wrong
    • Aborting a LightScribe print process could cause the application to hang
    • Nero Vision Express Number:
      Other Changes/Bugfixes
    Nero Vision Express Number:
    • Direct capturing to DVD-VR-RAM ended with an error message
    • InCD:
      Pas de Changelog pour le moment
    Télécharger Nero Anglais, NeroVision Express et inCD
    Et les patch en francais ici
  3. streets a dit (le 15-11-2005 à 10:30)
    Ahead poursuit les mises a jour de son logiciel Nero 6xx
    Nero Express
    Pas de Changelog pour le moment
    Télécharger Nero Anglais, NeroVision Express
    Et les patch en francais ici

    PS: decocher yahoo toolbar sur la page si vous vouler vous en passer. Le fichier sera de moindre taille.

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