NDFR : Mozilla 1.6 Finale
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Mozilla viens de sortir en version 1.6 finale.

Cette version est meilleure et plus rapide (dixit le site officiel).
Voici les changement depuis la version 1.5 (en anglais désolé).
  • One of the most requested Mozilla Mail features, an option to separate the Recipient and Sender columns in the thread pane, has been implemented.
  • Another frequently requested MailNews feature, a preference for placing the user's signature above the quoted text, has been added.
  • "Remove from server after x days" has been implemented for POP3 mail accounts.
  • vCard support has been added to Mozilla Mail.
  • Mozilla 1.6 includes a new cross-platform NTLM authentication mechanism. This feature brings NTLM authentication to the non-Windows Mozilla users for the first time and also delivers more robust and featureful NTLM support to users of older Windows versions.
  • Ask Jeeves searching has been added to Mozilla 1.6.
  • "Translate Page" functionality has returned to this release of Mozilla.
  • The View Source window now has reload functionality.
  • Several security-related bugs were fixed in 1.6
  • Chatzilla 0.9.48 has been merged, which adds RPL_ISUPPORT support, halfop mode support, and properly masks key and password dialogs.
  • Many crash bugs have been fixed.
  • One step closer to the kitchen sink, about_:about has been implemented. Typing about_:about in the address field will give the user a nice list of available about_.
Cette version est disponible sur le site officiel.

Source : mozilla.org
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2 commentaires pour “Mozilla 1.6 Finale”

  1. LeMoi a dit (le 16 January 2004 à 18h56)
    mets pas autant d'espace entre les items
  2. Junta_ a dit (le 16 January 2004 à 22h27)
    mon doigt a trop glisser sur la touche 'enter'

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