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Messenger Plus! 3.01.94
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Messenger Plus! 3.01.94

Lien direct de la news : Messenger Plus! 3.01.94
Messenger Plus! est un add-on pour MSN Messenger et Windows Messenger, les célèbres messageries de Microsoft. Il ajoute des nouvelles fonctions à MSN Messenger pour le rendre plus agréable lors d'utilisation régulière. Il vous permettra notamment, de choisir des statuts personnalisés, de créer des messages pré-enregistrés... Tant de fonctions qui font de lui, l'add-on ultime pour MSN Messenger!

Voici les nouveautés :
  • The count of unread POP3 emails is correctly indicated at the top of your contact list, every time.
  • Adding a Word Filter that filters another filter doesn't freeze Messenger anymore.
  • The maximum quote-sender keep delay has been increased to 12 hours.
  • Every Messenger setting (including the size of the contact window) is always properly saved when Messenger is exited.
  • Problems with incorrect count of custom emoticons in the Quick Icons panel have been fixed.
  • Files copied by the setup get the property security attributes (fixes using Messenger Plus! on a restricted account after installing on an admin account).
  • Different menus and popup windows displayed in chat windows are now positioned more intelligently.
  • The language selected during setup is used by default when Plus! is started for the first time in other user sessions.
  • Messenger Plus! stops properly every time when users log-out of Windows. This fixes several problems such as the Plus! menu disappearing at the next log-on.
  • You are now allowed to select not to change your current status for the Messenger Lock and Boss Protection features.
  • Improvement in the Open Log menus: when using the default logging archive mode, the log of the previous month is automatically opened when no log for the current month is detected.
  • /snoexcuse has been officially replaced by /sdanger (to avoid confusion).
  • The Greek translation has been removed, a Turkish translation has been added.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements (a big bunch of them).
Télécharger Messenger Plus! 3.01.94 (3.34 Mo, gratuit)

Source : Warp2Search
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