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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6
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Old 03-05-2004, 19:24
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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6

Lien direct de la news : Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6
C'est donc le lendemain de la sortie de Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 RC2 que sort la version finale. Pour rappel, ce logiciel est une version modifiée et indépendante du composant mail de Mozilla. Il est pensé pour fonctionner en étroite collaboration avec Mozilla Firefox, le navigateur dérivé de Mozilla.

Un petit changelog comme on les aime :
* Windows Installer - Thunderbird now comes with an installer for Windows making it easier than ever to start using Thunderbird!

* New Default Theme on Mac OS X - The new Pinstripe theme fits in with the look of Mac OS X.

* Improved Junk Mail Controls - The algorithm for the adaptive junk mail controls has been heavily redesigned to learn faster and catch more spam.

* New Brand Identity - To be consistent with the Mozilla Foundation's goal of brand identity, Thunderbird has a new logo and supporting artwork thanks to the fine work of the Mozilla Visual Identity team.

* Other New Features...

- IMAP users can now benefit from support for the IMAP IDLE command which allows the mail server to push notifications such as new mail arriving as soon as it arrives.

- Thunderbird supports server-wide news filters that apply to all newsgroups on a server.

- Thunderbird includes Secure Password Authentication using a new cross-platform NTLM authentication mechanism for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.

- Mail filters can now mark messages as junk.

- Offline support is an optional download component in the Windows installer and is no longer a separately-downloaded extension.

- Mac OS X users now get new mail notification in the system dock.

- The DOM Inspector is an optional download component in the Windows installer for theme authors.

- Tools > Options > Compose > HTML Options allows you to set up default HTML compose options such as font, size and color.

- Attachments can be opened directly from the compose window to verify their contents before sending.

- Thunderbird now supports the notion of multiple identities per mail account. This makes it easy to have several e-mail addresses which end up going into the same account. Read More about how to set this up.
Les release notes sont disponibles ici et les nouvelles notes d'installation (A LIRE).

Pour le téléchargement :
- Windows (7,92 Mo avec installeur)
- Linux GTK2 + XFT (9,68 Mo sans installeur)
- Mac OS X (13,3 Mo compressés)
Merci de lire et de respecter les règles et d'utiliser la .
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Old 04-05-2004, 17:29
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Re: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6

Merci Benjy.

Comme toujours allez attendre là : pour la version française ( indispensable ).
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Old 11-05-2004, 22:58
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Re: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6

Enfin ! Il est dispo en FR sur le lien donné précédemment.
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