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Mozilla Firefox 68.0

Version Actuelle : MOZILLA FIREFOX 68.0

  • Dark mode in reader view expands so that windows are also dark on the controls, sidebars and toolbars.
  • Improved extension security and discovery:
    • New reporting feature in about:addons allows you to report security and performance issues with extensions and themes.
    • Redesigned extensions dashboard in about:addons provides easy access to information about your extensions, including data and settings access required by each extension.
    • Find high quality, secure extensions via the Recommended Extensions program in about:addons, which now displays user count and ratings for each extension. "Recommended” badges for these extensions also appear on AMO. More extensions will be added over time.
  • Cryptomining and fingerprinting protections are added to strict content blocking settings in Privacy & Security preferences.
  • WebRender will roll out to Windows 10 users with AMD graphics cards.
  • Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) update download support, which allows Firefox update downloads to continue when Firefox is closed.
  • Various security fixes
  • Local files can no longer access other files in the same directory.
  • Unified existing locales (bn-BD, bn-IN) under a single Bengali (bn) localization.
  • The following unmaintained translations have been removed: Assamese (as), English - South Africa (en-ZA), Maithili (mai), Malayalam (ml), Odia (or). Existing users will be migrated to the British English (en-GB) version.
  • When an HTTPS error caused by antivirus software is detected, Firefox will attempt to automatically fix it
  • Camera and microphone access now require an HTTPS connection.
  • The way non-default preferences are synced has changed. Please see this support article for more details
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