NDFR : XviD 1.0.1
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On nous annonce que cette version du fameux codec open-source qu'est XviD ne serait qu'un "bugfix", donc pas de grands changements mais seulement des corrections de petits bugs :
  • xvidcore
    • DC misprediction caused by missing value clipping (this one for real).
    • Fixed bugs triggered by 1fps sequences in decoder.
    • Fixed bug in trellis that was causing block skipping in later stages.
    • Fixed some ME buglet that could cause suboptimal results for bframes.
  • VFW frontend
    • Fixed error in bitrate calc when given bitrate and size (2.4%).
    • Added ICM compatibility for Office Suites (OpenOffice.org, MS Office...).
    • Added more known audio filetypes.
  • Debian dir
    • removed from the release tarball in an effort to get the package
      into SID as a non native package.
Télécharger XviD 1.0.1

Et en même temps apparait donc la version corrigée de Koepi :
  • Core :
    • small trellis bug which probably reduced sharpness of the image, but possibly even produced artifacts
    • motion estimation buglet slightly reduced b-frame's quality
    • 1 fps files failed to decode
    • intra coefficients were sometimes not clipped correctly, which might (in theory) produce artifacts (don't worry, noone has seen the artifacts yet)
    • if two p-frames were more than one second apart, b-frames in between are not decoded
  • Vfw :
    • video was not playable via ICM (mplay32.exe, files embedded in Office applications etc)
    • calculator did not open many useful audio/subs extensions by default
    • calculator calculated audio size wrong when given bitrate and length (2.4% error
Télécharger Koepi's XviD 1.0.1 (06/05/2004)

notons qu'au passage, le site de Koepi est désormais accessible sur www.koepi.org
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