NDFR : VirtualDub 1.5.8
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Une nouvelle version de VirtualDub, célèbre logiciel de manipulation vidéo, vient de sortir.

Voici la liste des changements, en anglais :

Current build (1.5.8, stable):
[features added]
* DirectDraw support is disabled when Terminal Services
or Remote Desktop clients are detected to work around
a DirectX clipping bug.
* Re-enabled places bar on open and save dialogs.
* Disabled FPU state warning and made the fixup silent.
WAY too many drivers are screwing up the FPU unit.
* Edit lists can now be omitted from configuration
files without needing to close the source file.

[bugs fixed]
* Main window is disabled during MPEG-1 scan to prevent
crash if main window is closed.
* Previous-key and next-key movement commands were not
correct for B-frames in an MPEG-1 file.
* Fixed decoding of MPEG-1 B-frames at the start of
GOPs with broken_link set.
* Palette change blocks no longer appear as garbage
video streams. In-stream palette changes are still
not supported, however.
* biSizeImage was incorrect when using fast recompress
in YV12 mode.
* Sequence appends failing on the first file now throw
an error rather than a warning.

[regressions fixed]
* A race condition in the fast write code occasionally
resulted in spurious write errors.
* Fixed swapped 00db/00dc tags in AVI output.
* Fixed display of 8-bit paletted video.
* Program starts under Windows 95 again.

Pour télécharger cette nouvelle version, c'est par ici.
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