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Des nouvelles versions de Nero Burning Rom et NeroVision Express viennent de sortir.

On connait les changements apportés :

Changes from Nero to Features Added Added support for new recorders
Playback of AAC files is now possible in Nero Express Added DVD Oversize burning
Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6 :

Fixed a problem caused by maximizing the GUI window when working with several Nero instances
Several GUI and localisation optimizations
Improved handling of AAC files
Fixed a problem occurred with Audio CD Copy over image
Remaining time for DVD compilations is now correctly displayed in Nero Express
Enable simulation for DVD-R medias if the disc is loaded in a double layer recorder
Fixed a problem that changing CD reading speed for disc copy had no effect

DVD read speed is detected dynamically
The selection combo box of boot image languages is no more editable
Implementation of DVD-R/-RW booktype changing for several drives
Disable playing of audio files, if the file is already opened in the Nero Wave Editor

Nero Burning Rom :
Localized the Plug-in properties
Solved a problem that occurs while trying to burn a CD-Extra
After de-installation some manuals were left on Windows XP and Windows 98 SE
It was no more possible to open an audio file with Nero Wave Editor out of Nero Burning Rom
Querying Nero Wave Editor for open more than one audio file caused a problem
An internal error is fixed which occurred while creating a bootable CD

Nero Express 6 :

The plug-in manager is now initialized in Nero Express
Added check for unsupported compilations in Nero Express if Nero Burning Rom isn’t available
Nero Express now creates DVD-Video without Joliet
Solved a problem that occurs after the attempt to rename a file in the “Add” dialog
Solved a problem that occurs after drag and drop of a file or a folder
It was not possible to burn DVD NRG images on a DVD medium with Nero Express if they are smaller than 700 MB
The multisession handling is simplified, if no multisession is selected finalize is enabled
DVD copy attempt fail with “Cannot copy this disc to a DVD” is resolved
Video preview was not working properly if files were added

Nero StartSmart :

Fixed a problem that StartSmart displayed in “ProductCenter” wrong application names
Nero StartSmart now displays expert mode button at the first time it is running
On Japanese systems English strings were available in Nero StartSmart
A link to the manual of Nero Burning Rom was missing in Nero StartSmart

Nero BackItUp :

Fixed that Nero BackItUp did not warn if the user tries to write on an already written rewritable disc
Nero BackItUp issued no error message if a file wasn’t accessible while restoring
Nero BackItUp tried to write more than available capacity on a CD or DVD
Fixed a problem for Swedish language support
Improvements for drive backup and restoration were made
Improvements of the GUI of NRestore
Backing up entire hard disc drive, improvements for active partitions were made
Fixed a problem with the calculation of required DVD medias for drive backup

Voici la liste des ftp où vous pouvez la télécharger :



La traduction en Français est diponible :


pour Nero Burning Rom et


pour NeroVision Express.

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4 commentaires pour “Nero et NeroVision Express en Français”

  1. 1for-matik a dit (le 1 June 2004 à 21h04)
    Originellement posté par nantesph
    Patch Français avec un lien sur la :rolleyes:
    A corriger pour la prochaine fois nantesph
    Là est le vrai lien Nero Burning Rom en Français
  2. valko a dit (le 3 June 2004 à 20h16)
    Salut ;

    Juste pour dire que le lien vers Nero....Français, il fonctionne pas !

    @ +

  3. Cougar a dit (le 3 June 2004 à 21h47)
    nantesph, le gras et le rouge sont proscris dans les news
  4. LeMoi a dit (le 6 June 2004 à 11h29)
    Originellement posté par nantesph
    Added DVD Oversize burning
    est-ce que quelqu'un a essayé ? si oui, combien de Mo peut-on rajouter ainsi ?

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