NDFR : BitTorrent 4.0.0 Final
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La version 4.0.0 Final du client "officiel" du réseau BitTorrent est désormais disponible.
Cette version apporte comme à chaque fois son lot de nouveautés que voici :
Nouveautés de BitTorrent 4.0.0
All new queue-based user interface
Many options are now modifiable from the interface
Extra stats are visible, for those who like it
Remembers what it was doing across restarts
New .torrent maker "btmaketorrentgui" replaces "btcompletedir"
License has changed to the "BitTorrent Open Source License"
Torrent fields are correctly created and interpreted as utf8
Single port: launchmany can seed and client can download many files from a single port and thread
Interface now uses GTK instead of wxWidgets
BitTorrent packets are marked as bulk data to make traffic shaping easier
Télécharger BitTorrent 4.0.0
Site Officiel

Sources : Betanews.com et Kool Lite Tools
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2 commentaires pour “BitTorrent 4.0.0 Final”

  1. Spycam a dit (le 8 March 2005 à 22h40)
    Voilà ce que donne l'interface de la v4.
    En totale exclu, bien sur.
  2. Steven a dit (le 28 March 2005 à 17h59)
    Une nouvelle version 4.0.1

    Les Changements
    Possible workaround for the "TCP stack flaking out" bug as a preference.
    Preference option for the text color over the progress bar.
    Fixed problem picking config file and save locations on Win98/ME.
    Switched to GTK file save widgets to fix the problem of resuming multi-file torrents.
    Bulk traffic flag was only being set on incoming connections.
    Some tweaks to the interface and more informative error messages.
    Fixes to installer, including location fixes for non-English users.
    Fix for interface lockups after being minimized.
    Fixed a couple tracebacks.
    A few small tracker bugs fixed.
    An item which belonged in the previous notes: Improvments to seed behaviour which addresses the problem for which super-seeding was created, but without the problems of super-seeding.

    Télécharger BitTorrent 4.0.1

    Source : Neowin.net

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