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  • Actualité - Général Xbox One gets backwards compatibility, will play over 100 Xbox 360 games par ActiveWin le 30 juin 2015 à 00h06

    If you own an Xbox One gaming console and wanted to play Xbox 360 titles on it, Microsoft is granting your wish. At gaming conference E3, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that backwards compatibility is coming to the current-gen console.

  • Actualité - Général Microsoft will encrypt all Bing search traffic par ActiveWin le 30 juin 2015 à 00h06

    In a post-Edward Snowden world, privacy and security are huge concerns. While many people call him a traitor to his country, many others -- myself included -- consider him a hero. Snowden shone a light on government programs that were arguably illegal and unconstitutional. The...

  • Actualité - Général Microsoft's Everything-Everywhere Push Hits Skype par ActiveWin le 30 juin 2015 à 00h06

    Microsoft may be busy wowing gamers today at E3 in Los Angeles, in particular with a rather amazing Minecraft demo built for its HoloLens augmented reality glasses, but that doesn't mean the company has overlooked its non-gaming users. Monday, it also just extended the reach of its...

  • Actualité - Général Microsoft's Massive Surface Hub Opens For Orders July 1 par ActiveWin le 30 juin 2015 à 00h06

    Essentially an oversized, touch-friendly tablet, the device will come with huge prices to match, at $7,000 (55-inch model) and $19,000 (84-inch model). The device is targeted at companies in need of massive digital whiteboards for sharing presentations and documents, allowing...